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I know you are here because you are looking for freelance writing jobs and want to make money by becoming a freelance writer, right? Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money online from home and you don't even need a website to get started. That said, if you own a blog (or even a portfolio website) it gives you instant credibility and a lot more exposure because you will be able to showcase your skills and your portfolio.

Okay, let's get to the basics. Who is a freelance writer? Well, a freelance writer can be anyone who writes content for another individual or for a company. And the content can be blog posts, web content, press releases, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers, product descriptions, etc.

So, How Can You Make Money As A Freelance Writer?

Note: Please do not apply to each and every website that is listed here. Your applications are reviewed by real people, so apply only if it's relevant, and do respect their time. Also, please make sure that you read the Guidelines and FAQs and do your own research about each websites that are listed here before applying. The more you know about the client and their needs, the better your chances.

1. About.com

About.com creates content that educates, answers and motivates millions of readers around the globe. As a freelance writer, you can publish content on a topic of your choice (provided you are an expert) whenever you want. Writers must have the ability to create clear, understandable, impeccable, and reliable content.

2. Tuts+

Tuts+ creates videos, courses and tutorials to help people nurture their skills and technical knowledge. Creative and experienced coders, designers, illustrators, photographers, web designers, or anyone with expert knowledge on a particular subject can join their team as tutors/writers because they have a lot of categories and subcategories.

3. Examiner

Examiner is an online entertainment, news and lifestyle network with content posted by independent writers or Examiners (as they term it), from the U.S. and Canada. You need not be a professional writer or journalist, your passion for writing factually accurate and interesting stuffs will make your write-ups appear on this site.

4. Break Studios

Break Studios owns highly popular and humorous websites like Break.com, MadeMan.com, CagePotato.com, ScreenJunkies.com, HolyTaco.com and Chickipedia.com. This well-trafficked community employs freelance writers with a passion for writing about leading men's entertainment brands. You can freely choose the topic you love before creating some really smart, crisp, and witty content.

5. Cracked

Cracked is one of the most popular comedy site in the U.S. It is ready to give a chance to anyone who loves writing. Buy hey, the contribution should be funny, smart and creative - be it articles, images, videos, or infographics. If you are a humorous and witty writer, then it's for you.

6. Listverse

Listverse is the ultimate place for writers who love interesting, mind blowing, informative, and unusual listicles. You need not be an expert. Just get your facts right, write great English, and create humorous articles. You can earn $100 for 1500 words (for 10 items in the list).

7. A List Apart

A List Apart is always looking for people (designers, developers, architects, project managers, and assorted specialists) who have brilliant ideas that can move the website's industry to a new high and, at the same time, intrigue readers. However, your submitted article should impress the team of reviewers!